Using the GSI installation of Geant4

There are different versions of Geant4 installed at GSI. An installation of geant4.9.5 can be found at


You can use this installation by loading the script

source /usr/local/pub/debian5.0/x86_64/gcc432-11/sim/geant4.9.5-build/

This gives you a working environment that uses the "old" build system with GNUmakefiles instead of cmake. Note that this is a 64-bit installation. That means you should go to a 64-bit system to use it. For example

ssh squeezelust64

The data sets are in the folder


and the paths are not automatically set. That means you have to set the corresponding environment vairbles manually. It is a good idea to put the following lines into a file called geant4login , and put it e.g. to your local /bin folder.

source /usr/local/pub/debian5.0/x86_64/gcc432-11/sim/geant4.9.5-build/

export G4LEDATA=/usr/local/pub/debian5.0/x86_64/gcc432-11/sim/geant4.9.5/data/G4EMLOW6.23

export G4LEVELGAMMADATA=/usr/local/pub/debian5.0/x86_64/gcc432-11/sim/geant4.9.5/data/PhotonEvaporation2.2

export G4NEUTRONHPDATA=/usr/local/pub/debian5.0/x86_64/gcc432-11/sim/geant4.9.5/data/G4NDL4.0

export G4NEUTRONXSDATA=/usr/local/pub/debian5.0/x86_64/gcc432-11/sim/geant4.9.5/data/G4NEUTRONXS1.1

export G4PIIDATA=/usr/local/pub/debian5.0/x86_64/gcc432-11/sim/geant4.9.5/data/G4PII1.3

export G4RADIOACTIVEDATA=/usr/local/pub/debian5.0/x86_64/gcc432-11/sim/geant4.9.5/data/RadioactiveDecay3.4

export G4REALSURFACEDATA=/usr/local/pub/debian5.0/x86_64/gcc432-11/sim/geant4.9.5/data/RealSurface1.0

Then, all you have to do is call

. geant4login

and your can use GSI Geant4.

-- MichaeReese - 19 Feb 2013
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