List of V0 Classes

Class/File Category Description Usage Status
Lateration PSC This class can be used to find the best fit to a given signal among a set of basis signals by using the principle of lateration.   D+T
Correlations Statistics An object of this class can be filled sequentially with values of (a fixed number of) variables and calculates their covariances and correlations    
CorrelationPlotter ROOT Uses root histograms to plot xi vs xj in 2D histograms and xi in 1D histograms, for a given set of variables x1,...xN    
SortedVector algorithm (vector) A wrapper for std::vector that can be sequentially filled with values (of any type). New elements are inserted such that the vector is always sorted according to a compare function (provided by the user). Used when finding the N best fitting signals  
ScannerGeometry Scanner Collection of functions to calculate projections and distances between trajectories for the scanner geometry graphical cuts D+T
BasicArrayStuff misc Collection of basic functions working on arrays.   D+T

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