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WARNING: fairy is not documented yet to a point that one can use it without assistance

Build the fairy core program
  • get the fairy code from sourceforge: git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/fairyspec/code fairyspec-code
  • cd fairyspec-code
  • ./autogen.sh
  • ./configure --prefix=$HOME (for a local installation)
  • make install

Build the plugin for PreSPEC-AGATA data replay
  • cd plugins
  • cd NewPreSpecAgata
  • make
  • then copy the file NewPreSpecAgata.so into the folder $HOME/.fairy/plugins and add the following line to your startup script $HOME/.fairy/startup.fs : plugin preplay from /home/michael/.fairy/plugins/NewPreSpecAgata.so
  • now, go to your prespec source folder. Inside the examples/fairySimple type make and copy the resulting Analysis.so into your $HOME/lib folder
  • start fairy (type fairy in a terminal) and then type preplay myreplay Analysis.so --config=/path/to/prespec/examples/configFRSsimple someData.lmd to creat a replay object
  • launch the GUI (type gui)
  • launch the replay (type myreplay start)
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